Glauco De Souza



Glauco joined Equinox in March 2014 to strengthen the global Forestry Insurance offering, being recognized as a market leader in the sector. Glauco has over 10 years insurance experience, and prior to joining Equinox worked for ForestRe and ACE Insurance.  Glauco’s bespoke underwriting and risk modelling techniques make Equinox a leader in this niche market, enabling risk diversification and a global insurance offering for different profiles of forestry investors worldwide.  Glauco recently developed a new Livestock offering, taking advantage of the Equinox underwriting platform and client network further strengthening Equinox’s position in this area.

Being a native Portuguese speaker from Brazil, and fluent in a number of other languages, Glauco offers the advantage of being able to discuss insurance solutions with corporate head offices as well as local growers.


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Phone : +44 (0)20 7015 2870
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